How will luxury e-commerce focus on Chinese design in 2023?

87% of people go haitao at least once a month, this is the result of the survey in the “China cross-border haitao white paper” released by Avery Consulting in 2021. At a time when e-commerce platforms are becoming more and more perfect and diversified, online overseas shopping is becoming more and more convenient, and even in daily life, the purchase of goods that need to wait to pass through customs is not particularly different from ordinary domestic shopping in terms of operational processes.
However, in Taobao created the global shopping in 2007, sea Amoy is still a thing quite “threshold”, consumers need to have a basic level of English, the opening of the credit card can be overseas payment, in the face of the platform can not be directly mailed to China, but also need to carefully select the appropriate forwarding company, and endure the logistics of the time-consuming weeks …… Obviously, these “thresholds” are not the only thing that makes it easier to buy goods overseas. Obviously, these “thresholds” have been broken by the increasingly competitive e-commerce platforms, and domestic consumers are faced with a myriad of consumer options; at the same time, with the further upgrading of China’s fashion consumer market and the rise of China’s original design power, Chinese consumers and e-commerce platforms are no longer unidirectional choices but rather a two-way choice and acceptance based on the needs of both sides of the fit. Two-way choice and recognition.
1. Mytheresa, the Luxury E-commerce Leader
According to the survey of Ai Rui Consulting, when choosing a platform for amoy, the factor that consumers are most concerned about is first of all the guarantee of genuine products, and what is not comparable to it is the popularity and reputation of the platform, while the richness of the product categories, the price, and the degree of easy operation of the interface are close behind. It is easy to see that even after years of development and evolution of the market, the basic demands of consumers are still simple and straightforward. Mytheresa is the answer to the question of how to satisfy consumers’ demands while differentiating itself from the rest of the pack and driving the market forward.
Founded in 2006, Mytheresa from Germany, as a world-renowned luxury e-commerce site, specializes in high-end luxury fashion brands and provides a one-stop shopping experience for women’s, men’s and children’s apparel, as well as luxury home décor and lifestyle products. Based on its precise positioning of high-end customers, unique product selection and content presentation, Mytheresa has been growing strongly, and so far, the platform is available for direct shipping to more than 130 countries or regions.
Mytheresa’s product-oriented approach links fashion presentation, efficient shopping and creative content, maximizing the full range of offline shopping experiences to online, and providing customers with efficient and direct fashion services. Over the years, Mytheresa has built strong relationships with some of the world’s best designers and brands, with whom it regularly develops one-of-a-kind projects, such as capsule collections and exclusive collaborations with brands such as Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Loro Piana, Chloé, Mugler, Dries Van Noten, Pucci and Valentino. capsule and exclusive collections with Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Loro Piana, Chloé, Mugler, Dries Van Noten, Pucci and Valentino.
As one of the world’s leading fashion and luxury e-commerce platforms, Mytheresa’s core focus has always been to capitalize on the spirit of the times and to create and lead new opportunities in the world of digital fashion and luxury in the face of an increasingly diverse Chinese consumer base. Since 2016, Mytheresa has launched a Chinese version of its website and provided localized payment options such as Alipay and WeChat Pay, and promises fast and secure shipping to China within 72 hours and free returns within 30 days. In addition, Mytheresa has launched an APP on which it regularly posts events, and which also offers customer service in Chinese to better meet the specific needs of Chinese customers.
2. Chinese design, newborn win-win
In recent years, more and more Chinese designers have appeared on the stage of international fashion weeks, with the continuous emergence of local stars and the development of the industry as a whole, Chinese design has demonstrated its innovative strength to transcend and break the traditional elements of oriental stereotypes, and has become an important force in the world’s fashion. mytheresa has also noticed this force in time.
With the intention of supporting and appreciating the young generation of Chinese designers, Mytheresa has launched the “Mytheresa Chinese Designer Special” program this year, in which 4 finalists were selected by 4 industry veterans to launch an exclusive capsule collection on the Mytheresa platform. The “Mytheresa Chinese Designer Special” provides a unique platform for Chinese designers to showcase their strengths. On the one hand, it allows China’s talented new generation of designers to leverage Mytheresa’s global recognition to start a dialogue with international consumers, while on the other hand, it also enhances Mytheresa’s visibility in the Chinese market through a number of exclusive limited edition collections and tailor-made luxury experiences. The result is a win-win situation for both parties.
The designers selected for the “Chinese Designer Special” program include Yannan Fang and Xuzhi Chen, graduates of Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, Dudi from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium, and Donghui Wei from the Sardonic School of Fashion Design in Paris. Growing up in a diverse fashion culture, these four young Chinese designers draw on the methods of the Western fashion system and actively seek new entry points from their own oriental backgrounds, either recreating classic handmade craftsmanship, creating unique styles with precise rhythms and lines, or leading the world to think about futurism.
The four designers in the “Chinese Designer Special” program were selected by a panel of four judges specially invited by Mytheresa, including Feng Chuxuan, Editor-in-Chief of Lifelike Content Group, Ye Mingzi, CEO of Guoye Culture, spiritual artist, founder of Phi Digital Art, and close friend of the Mytheresa brand, renowned stylist and fashion blogger Fil Xiaobai, as well as Mytheresa Tiffany Hsu, Vice President of Women’s, Children’s and Art of Living Buyer.
Ms. Tiffany Hsu, Vice President of Buying for Women’s, Children’s and Art of Living at Mytheresa, expressed her confidence in the Chinese fashion market and the power of local design, “China’s fashion is moving into an exciting new era, and Mytheresa wants to be at the forefront of it. Our team has enjoyed working closely with these outstanding designers to develop four beautifully exclusive capsule collections that we are proud to showcase on our international platform.”
3. Connecting the local and the world with fashion and design
While cross-border e-commerce platforms are further developing, domestic fashion consumption is escalating just as rapidly. With the rapid increase in available consumption options, Chinese consumers are no longer simply satisfied with luxury goods as status symbols, but are paying more attention to creativity, design, brand story, and choosing items that are more in line with their personal style and temperament. This also means that when a sufficient number of cross-border e-commerce platforms and various overseas shopping channels have turned the guarantee of authenticity and the advantage of internationally synchronized discounts into a kind of “infrastructure”, people will pay more and more attention to the “soft power” of the platforms and the added value they provide. This is precisely the advantage that Mytheresa brings.
Mytheresa’s increasing ability to be proactive on the platform has also enabled luxury e-commerce to capture a wider range of “content”, and whatever the content, the creativity behind it is always the core. The “Chinese Designer Special” program connects China’s creative power with the international market, creating a greater flow of energy, which naturally leads to stronger influence and brand effectiveness.
China has one of the most important and mature luxury markets in the world, and a large number of talented Chinese designers are creating amazing collections that appeal to a large international audience. With the appointment of Steven Xu as President of China and Asia Pacific and the opening of a Mytheresa office in Shanghai, Mytheresa will now further strengthen its presence in the Chinese market by launching a dedicated program to enrich the brand’s content output and create new partnerships with designers.
Michael Kliger, CEO of Mytheresa, has full confidence in China’s rising power of fashion and design, “The ‘Chinese Designer Special’ program gives talented Chinese designers visibility to our global customer base. It also raises the visibility of our carefully curated and customized strategy for luxury goods in the Chinese market through a number of exclusive capsule collections. We strongly support the rapid growth of China’s domestic luxury market and are committed to serving sophisticated local consumers.”

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